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Adept Solutions (GB) Ltd supply the 2000 Series grippers into many foundries throughout the world.

JVM Castings Limited based in Worcester currently use around 60 of our 2050-25, 2065-45 and 2100-65 heavy-duty grippers within their production facility.
Our grippers, attached to ABB and Fanuc robots, are operating in high pressure die casting cells, extracting castings from dies, at temperatures in excess of 300 degrees C.
Typically the castings (and grippers) are then placed into a coolant tank and finally, accurately placed into tooling for the clipping process.

Neil Kinsey of JVM Castings says "We have been impressed by Adept Solutions (UK) Ltd's grippers,
considering the working environment, we really can't complain about their performance.
We are now engaged in an ongoing maintenance program in conjunction with Adept Solutions (UK) Ltd,
to ensure that we have refurbished grippers in our stores department, at all times.
Due to the short lead time and reliable service provided by Adept Solutions (GB) Ltd we have managed to reduce our in house stock levels"

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